CDA Herts works in Partnership with Utility Aid the UK’s largest not-for-profit Energy Broker             

CDA Herts is committed to bringing the best information and best value services to the organisations we work with and support. So we are delighted to announce we have renewed our partnership with Utility Aid, the UK’s largest energy broker in the not-for-profit sector. We’ve been so impressed with the service they provide and Village Halls in Herts are already saving hundreds of pounds on their energy bills.

Utility Aid is highly regarded in their industry, winning the UK’s Most Trusted Energy Broker in 2018.  They are a business that is dedicated to ethical energy provision and ensuring their clients get the best possible value from their energy contracts. They understand that the less money not-for-profit organisations use to pay for their energy, the more money they have to provide the front-line services they offer. 

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As well as sourcing new energy contracts, Utility Aid provide expertise in auditing bills and can often recoup significant overspend for the organisations they work with. Across their portfolio of customers they have recovered over £2 million in overspend in the past four years alone. This audit service is provided completely free of charge to any organisation that gets in touch with them.

Their CEO, Giles Hankinson, is passionate about helping not-for-profit organisations, he told us: “The importance of partnerships like this to Utility Aid cannot be underestimated. Working with like minded organisations, like CDA Herts who value the service we provide and are happy to tell others about it, is how we will continue to grow. We want our service to help as many not-for-profit organisations as possible.”

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If you’d like to find out more, you can get in touch with Utility Aid using any of the contact details below. We would encourage you to do that and to take them up on the offer of a free energy audit; there is a real chance that you may have overpaid for energy in the past and they will get that much-needed money back for you.

Click the link below to download Utility Aid’s Letter of Authority (LOA), add your letterhead and once completed please email the LOA to along with a recent bill.

Click Here for the LOA to arrange your Free Energy Audit

To find out more about LOA’s, please visit UA’s FAQ page

You can also Click Here to Sign Up For Your Free Energy Audit

Utility Aid Contact details:

0808 1788 170 

CDA Herts, through our Partnership agreement with Utility Aid, will receive a commission payment from Utility Aid for any organisation that signs up to a new energy supplier through our referral process. Thank you for your support.


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