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Further Research and Support for our RSNs/Rural Support Networks

We are delighted to have received the valued support of our Funders Herts Community Foundation and Herts Valleys CCG to enable us to undertake some Research and Development work with these vitally important Groups of Volunteers who have been supporting the vulnerable, elderly, isolated and shielded throughout the Covid-19 Crisis and beyond.

We have been contacting all the known RSNs throughout the County to find out what assistance they have been providing and whom they have been helping and ascertaining whether they require any support to be able to continue their invaluable work. We are also trying to make contact in other areas where it is unclear if there is such activity happening.

We have been contacted by over 80 RSNs supporting 185 Villages and Hamlets and these are some of our Findings so far:

2052 = Total number of people currently receiving help & support each month

2020 = Total number of volunteers involved in the provision of assistance & support to others since the beginning of the first Lockdown

1376 = Total number of volunteers currently involved

2030 = Total number of volunteer hours currently given each month

93% – Provide help with shopping / essential supplies

92% – Provide help with medical assistance / collecting prescriptions

63% – Provide help with mental anxiety / depression / loneliness

57% – Provide assistance with Transport needs

57% – Offer a Telephone check-in service for the vulnerable

47% – Offer Digital help re getting & doing things online

16% – Offer help & advice re Financial Assistance

30% (15 Groups) also responded to other assistance

63% – Said that they envisaged a need for the community to have an ongoing support network after the Coronavirus crisis was over

94% are still offering support and assistance to local people through the ongoing coronavirus crisis and isolation restrictions

98% said that they can continue to offer support and assistance to local people

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