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Heartwood Forest

Heartwood Forest’s 347-hectare (858-acre) site rises from what was once mainly agricultural land. it’s now the largest continuous new native forest in England; a place where everyone can find space, peace, wildlife and miles of beautiful woodland to explore. More than 600,00 trees have been planted by thousands of volunteers, local communities as well as visitors have taken this new landscape to their hearts.

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Northaw Great Wood

Northaw Great Wood was established in 2007, it comprises mainly Oak, Birch and Hornbeam, with areas of Ash, Sycamore and Sweet Chestnut along with a variety of flora and fauna. They are a small group of volunteers who have come together as a ‘Friends Group’ to assist with nature conservation in Northaw Great Wood. And to carry out practical work in the Wood, including tree planting and clearance, improving public access, wildlife surveys, monitoring nest-boxes and other tasks to assist the Management Plan for the Wood.

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