SAVE £££’s on Heating Oil

Join the CDA Oil Buying Group. Last year our members saved an average of £100 each.

You are notified when an order is being placed and you reply with the amount you need.

There is no minimum and the price is the same whether you order a little or a lot; if you don’t know how much you need you can order a top up and the bill is adjusted after delivery.

All orders are added together and our co ordinator negotiates a much lower price per litre because they are ordering in bulk.

You are then notified which supplier the order has been placed with and you arrange payment and a delivery time that suits you.

You will save much more than the cost of your subscription, currently £24 a year, and save time phoning around the suppliers checking prices. The more members there are the greater the savings.

call 01993 225011 or email


Deadlines for the Community Oil Scheme. Please have your orders to your local co-ordinator or OFPS by midday on these dates

Month Deadline for Orders Negotiation/Purchase Estimated Delivery by  



After purchase members will be notified about the price, supplier and delivery details as soon as we can within normal office hours.

Delivery is estimated to be within 10 working days of purchase

Dec 2017 Fri 24th Nov 27th–28th Nov 12th Dec
2018 Deadline Dates
Jan Tue 9th Jan 10th – 11th Jan 25th Jan
Feb Tue 6th Feb 7th-8th Feb 22nd Feb
Mar Tue 6th Mar 7th-8th Mar 22ndMar
April Tues 3rd Apr 4th-5th Apr 19th Apr
May Tue 1st Apr  2nd – 3rd May 17th May
Jun Tue 5th Jun 6th-7th June 21st June
Jul Tue 3rd Jul 4th -5th Jul 19th Jul
Aug Tue 7th Aug 8th -9th Aug 23rd Aug
Sep Tue 4th Sep 5th -6th Sept 20th Sept
Oct Tue 2nd Oct 3rd -4th Oct 18th Oct
Nov Tue 6th Nov 7th -8th Nov 22nd Nov
Dec Tue 27th Nov 28th-29th Nov 15th Dec


OFPS, 5 Courtlands Road, Shipton-u-Wychwood, Oxon OX7 6DF

Registered Company Limited by Guarantee No: 8623250


Tel: 01993 225011




                                                                                                                                  Nov 2017                  


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