Hertfordshire Rural Issues Network

To join the Network please contact tim.hayward-smith@cdaherts.org.uk

Terms of Reference: Approved 7 March 2017

1. Purpose:

1.1 To widen participation in debate and decision making about rural matters in Hertfordshire.

1.2 To give Hertfordshire’s rural businesses and communities a collective voice to bring about positive change.

1.3 To fill the communications gap with Hertfordshire’s Public bodies since the demise of the Herts Rural Forum.

2. Priorities:

2.1 To represent the interests of rural communities and rural businesses in Hertfordshire.

2.2 To make representations on issues affecting rural life and business.

2.3 To encourage active networking between people, organisations and service providers and across all sectors.

2.4 To promote and share rural best practice.

2.5 To provide a forum for interaction and debate about areas of concern such as rural crime, farming, jobs and growth, affordable housing, services (shops, pubs etc), fuel poverty, energy, transport, broadband provision, landscape, nature and environment and rural health.

2.6 To actively seek participation of diverse groups, organisations and individuals in the Network.

3. Operation:

3.1 This will be a ‘virtual’ Network which functions through an internet email group such as Google.  Members can easily send an email to the whole group who can respond as they wish.

3.2 A Steering Group will be appointed to meet four times per year in rural venues with a focus on issues of interest and concern and a remit to focus on actions and outcomes.

3.3 A Chair will be appointed to preside over Steering Group meetings and liaise with CDA Herts who will act as Secretariat

3.4 Members of the Network can bring matters for discussion to the Steering Group at any time either through the Chair or CDA Herts

4. Membership:

4.1 Membership will be open to all who support and agree to contribute to the purpose and priorities of the Network.



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