Rural Affordable Housing

Our Rural Housing Enabler, Sharon Oshunbiyi works with rural communities to help them identify whether there is a need for affordable local housing and how to meet that need.

Information is gathered through a Housing Needs Survey, which is distributed throughout the parish, to garner feedback from local residents on the specific need for affordable housing. If a need is demonstrated then a Rural Exception site, can be used to provide affordable housing for local people; and to remain so in perpetuity in that community.

By helping to provide critically needed affordable housing we are able to enhance and maintain the vitality of rural communities. Typically young adults seeking their first home or older people needing to downsize are forced to leave villages, or remain in inadequate housing due to the lack of available affordable housing.

Our work promotes sustainable development in rural areas and also leaves a legacy by providing a mix of good quality housing which will remain for local people for years to come.

In order to provide this service to local communities, Sharon has so far formed 3 partnerships with the District Councils in Dacorum, North and East Herts and their preferred rural Housing Association partners. With all the vested interest groups working together, the partnerships help facilitate the development process.

Consultation on New Housing Bill (2015):

We are considering the implications contained in the Housing Bill for the future of rural affordable housing.  We have written to many of your MPs to seek their support for inclusion of exemptions, which will protect the future housing needs of rural communities.
Please write to your MP or Local Councillor to express your support of Affordable Housing and Rural Exception sites so that your views can be considered during the consultation process.
(Please see the Government consultation link below ).
  • Rural Housing Partner, North Hertfordshire

List of  our partners:

Dacorum Borough Council
East Herts Council
North Herts District Council
Hastoe Housing Group
North Herts Homes
Paradigm Housing Group
Hightown Praetorian & Churches H.A.

List of Parish’s assisted with Housing Needs Surveys:

St Ippolyts
Newnham & Caldecote
Kings Walden
Great Gaddesden
Nettleden with Potten End
St Paul’s Walden
Walkern Parish Council
Network Homes