“China ‘can save $1.6 trillion by scrapping coal’, report says”

China spends $36bn on coal-fired power despite emissions goals | Financial Times
Financial Times

According to a study, China can save $1.6 trillion over the coarse of 20 years by switching from coal power to renewables. It has been found that renewables are not much cheaper than coal. In order for China to meet its climate pledges, the nation must close 588 coal-fired power plants in a decade. 

China is currently running 1058 coal plants. The country must take radical action in order for it meet its goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2060. At the same time, though, it’s important to note that China is the world leader in wind turbines and solar panels. 

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“Surge in UK Heat Pump installations in 2021”

What the Heck Are Heat Pumps? | Sierra Club
Sierra Club

It’s predicted that there will be a spike in the adoption of electric heating systems over the coming year, with around 67,000 heat pump installations expected to occur in the UK this year. This expansion of heat pump take-up in the UK is an integral part of the country’s strategy to decarbonize buildings by 2050. However, there are some significant barriers to achieving the target of 600,000 annual installations by 2028. The two major ones are the costs of heat pumps and the need to greatly expand the training of installers. Efforts must be made to overcome these obstacles and reach the aforementioned goals. 

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