Community Led Planning (CLP) is a step-by-step process that enables every citizen to participate in, and contribute to, improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of their local area. Already undertaken by thousands of communities across England, it represents an unparalleled opportunity for people to take responsibility for making things happen locally, rather than waiting on others to do it for them.

One of the defining characteristics of all Community Led Plans is they are not imposed from above, but instead initiated and led by local volunteers who steer their community through the process.

The ‘LEAD’ process of planning

‘LEAD’ refers to a logical sequence of activities that should be undertaken by community groups to produce Community Led Plans that achieve high rates of participation, are linked in with local service providers and result in well-researched actions that can be implemented to meet local needs.

CDA Herts can explain more about Community Led Planning, its benefits and how it works and we can work with you to help develop a local Community Led Plan. We use a national toolkit produced by ACRE to guide community groups through the LEAD process.  Nine steps are outlined, each providing practical advice and resources that help to make the production of any plan a manageable endeavour.

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