Community building managing committees are reminded to make changes to their hire agreement now that the law regarding PPL has come into force. All hirers (except commercial – see note 1 below) should ensure that the building is covered by both a Performing Rights Society (PRS) licence and a Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) licence in the event that they wish to play music.

Not for profit groups, including hall management committee activities, which in the past did not require cover if recorded music was played (such as lunch clubs, stay ‘n’ play toddler groups or tea dances), must now be covered by a PPL licence as well as a PRS licence for both recorded and live music events.

The hire agreement (or booking form) should include a clause which clearly states to the hirer which licences the hall holds. Community buildings using the ACRE model hire agreement may wish to amend clause 2.4 which covers the PRS for music licence to include the status of the hall in regard to a PPL licence too.

Management committees of community centres, village, memorial, parochial church halls, women’s institutes or pavilions which are not solely used by sports clubs, and include a community room available to hire, will become liable under law if they fail to ensure that the venue has the appropriate licences.

Management committees are reminded that a hire agreement is a legally binding contract between a representative of the hall committee and the hirer.

An ACRE Model Hire Agreement which includes all of the relevant clauses can be posted at a cost of £8.00 + £1.00 P & P. This document includes a CD-R containing a hire agreement that management committees can personalise, adapt and adopt. The hire agreement also includes guidance notes on insurance clauses, licences and model terms and conditions.

Contact Kath Sexton  email  to request a copy.

Note 1: Commercial is defined as hiring to commercial organisations and individuals earning an income from providing an activity such as commercial aerobics classes, Slimmers World etc. It is the responsibility of the hall management committee to ensure that the commercial hirer has their relevant tariff, PPL licence.

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