Local Broadband Plan

Connection speeds in rural areas are a particular problem and we are trying to work with Hertfordshire County Council to ensure rural communities are assisted through the Local Broadband Plan which will upgrade the infrastructure around the county so that faster broadband is available. 

For more information about the Broadband Plan, to find out about your current service and speed, or to register your interest in a faster service, click here .

The programme to roll out superfast broadband is now mapping the phases of work to upgrade the broadband infrastructure.  By the end of 2013 more information will be available by postcode. The infrastructure will be installed from April 2014 onwards.

A map has been produced indicating the anticipated status of different exchange areas within this programme. See www.superfastforherts.org for the map and further information. The map indicates the broad status of areas, but is not final and absolute because some premises in those areas will not be able to get superfast broadband even after the work is done (if they are too far from a cabinet or their particular cabinet is not  enabled) and some areas currently not scheduled for upgrade may change status if more money becomes available or it becomes more cost effective for other reasons.

Some rural communities may also wish to discover how they can enable faster broadband for themselves if they will not be upgraded through this programme. Some information about broadband options in rural areas is available here.

Another idea is here!

Herts County Council may be able to help rural communities use the Government’s Rural Communities Broadband Fund , matched with their own money to get a better connection. More information is available for your community by emailing info@connectedcounties.org. For more information about the RCBF click here.

We have lobbied Herts County Council for the needs of rural communities to be fully and accurately informed about this service upgrade programme and to receive their infrastructure upgrades as soon as possible. We have particularly stressed the importance and value of upgrading the worst services to acceptable speeds rather than necessarily achieving superfast speeds.

Contact: tim.hayward-smith@cdaherts.org.uk

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