Broadband is now an essential service, becoming necessary for everything from domestic activities through to business and education. Many organisations, including public services, are starting to rely on broadband as their prime communication tool and it will increasingly become used in the delivery of services too.

High speed broadband improves access to services, quality of life, and business viability

The internet brings great benefits, particularly providing access and opportunities for isolated people. It can enable businesses to improve their operations (eg finding cheaper suppliers, new markets to serve and new ways to work), and reduce congestion and pollution, as well as saving people money, by facilitating home working and reducing the need to travel for services and leisure.

However, increasing reliance on internet services also risks disadvantaging people who do not have good access to broadband, either because they cannot get a reliable, affordable, fast connection or because they are not able or willing to use the internet.

At CDA Herts we are working to improve access to broadband and use of the internet as follows:

  1.  Working to get better, faster broadband access in rural areas
  2. Working to ensure that more people understand the benefits of using the internet and are able to use it effectively

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