CDA Herts is a stakeholder in Eastern Community Homes the support and advice “Hub” for  Community-Led Housing in the East of England, hosted by Cambridgeshire Acre.

What is community-led housing? (Courtesy of the National CLT network)

The Community-led housing sector bodies have agreed a definition of Community-Led Housing that is based on core principles:

  1.  A requirement that meaningful community engagement and consent occurs throughout the process. The community does not necessarily have to initiate and manage the development process, or build the homes themselves, though some may do.
  2. The local community group or organisation owns, manages or stewards the homes and in a manner of their choosing.
  3. A requirement that the benefits of the scheme to the local area and/or specified community group are clearly defined and legally protected in perpetuity e.g. through an asset lock.

How Eastern Community Homes Works

We have accredited Community-Led Housing Advisers in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk and can also access a network of specialist advisers to help with the technical aspects of community-led housing projects.

If you or your community are interested in c0mmunity-led housing, including c0-operatives, cohousing and community land trusts, you can contact us through the ECH website

Here are some examples of community-led schemes that have already been completed;

The “Common House” – Shared community space at Marmalade Lane, Cambridge

Marmalade Lane, Cambridge

Cannock Mill, Colchester

Older Women’s Cohousing (OWCH), Barnet

We are currently working with groups in Harpenden and South Oxhey as well as forging links with local authorities in Hertfordshire and beyond.

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