I became involved when I saw what this group were attempting to achieve in the community.I am life president of HERTBEATS the stAlbans and district Heart support group and I could see that there was an opportunity to involve our membership .With the help of Kate and Christine we decided on a plot which could ultimately be a meeting point for visitors to the garden.A memorial tree was planted,a circular seat courtesy of the Waitrose community partners scheme was installed and at the present time this particular spot is very inviting for those who simply wish to rest their weary limbs.

Over the past two years a wonderful team spirit has been created and I have been able to help with my “plants mans”hat on.

I hope that in the years to come there will be a close link established with HERTBEATS membership as this little plot is now a permanent reminder of our role in the community.Our motto is CARPE Diem and all of us in The team have been seizing the day for a while now.

Thank You for the opportunity to become involved.

Brian Gibson life president HERTBEATS 

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