Patient and Public Involvement in Health Forums:

PPI Forums replaced Community Health Councils in December 2003. Each Forum comprised of volunteers appointed by a new Government Commission and there was one Forum for each PCT and NHS Trust. The purpose was to give the public and patients a voice in how health services are commissioned, managed, organised and delivered. CDA Herts provided support, outreach, admin and community engagement for 15 Forums with 160 volunteers across Herts, Essex, Luton and Beds over a 5 year period until 2008 when PPI Forums were replaced by LINks. These were then replaced by Healthwatch in 2013.

Wheels to Work through transport project SCOOTS:

we have helped over 250 clients get to work or education.  We ran two different schemes – a hire scheme for young people and then opened it up to everyone in Herts.  Sadly we have had to close the project in 2016 but some case study examples such as young dads finding the scheme tremendously useful as their shift work meant either early mornings or late nights and public transport didn’t help.  This is a memorable achievement and made a difference to people’s lives.

Gypsy Roma Traveller Playbus:

Supporting pre-school age children and their families with two hours of structured play and learning we had a considerable impact on their lives, improving education and integration into local early year’s provision. Despite extensive positive feedback from parents and stakeholders and a supportive Advisory Group sadly funding dried up and we said goodbye to the bus in 2010.  The Bus has gone to a good home in Doncaster which is now used by the NHS to deliver services for Travellers.

Accessibility Strategy Steering Group:

Working in partnership Herts County Council, Districts, Health, Learning Disability and voluntary sector groups to keep transport on the Agenda.  Several initiatives included: Batchworth Lock Walking & Cycling; Infrastructure Improvements & Promotion; Tring Station Gateway– Feasibility Studies and Chilterns Rambler Bus & Promotion.

Helping Hands:

With priorities for Rural, BME and Travellers (with dementia) communities.  A real taboo subject within the Traveller community.  We have a sessional worker who is English Romany and has been working so hard to engage and support family and carers. We have also been trying to keep older people safe and well in their homes and avoiding slips, trips and falls the highest cause of accidents.

Innovation Grants:

Working with small groups, and not so small, I hear that if they had small sums it would help them to deliver their services in the health and social care sector.  We were successful with our bid and secured £20,500 to disperse as grants to 31 organisations. Smallest ‘ask’ was for £90 for craft materials for 60+ groups to the largest was £1500 for family support group work. This has been most rewarding to enable groups to go that extra mile to deliver good quality services.  

A List Of Former Achievements and Projects:

1966 – 1987

Herts Association of Local Councils (now HAPTC)

Herts Ecumenical Executive 

Herts Standing conference on Drug Dependence 

Hertfordshire Playing Fields Association 

Herts Local History Council 

Hertfordshire Ecumenical Executive 

Review of Charities 

Electricity Accounts;

Community Associations;  

Community work in villages;  

Council for Small Industries in Rural areas;  

Countryside initiatives;  

Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group (FWAG);  

Gypsies and Travellers;  

Information & Education sub-Committee;  

Landscape Action In Hertfordshire; 

Local Councils for Voluntary Service; 

Local Councils of Social Service; 

Review of Charities Act of 1960 providing powers for Trustees; 

Rural Transport Panel; 

Seminar of Voluntary Organisations; 

Standing Conference on the countryside;  

Standing Conference on welfare organisations;  

Task Force for young people to become engaged in voluntary service;  

Training for Community and Welfare work;  

Transport licensing;  

Unemployment training;  

Village Halls Advisory Service;  

VINE – Village Information Network with CDA and Libraries in East Herts;

1987 – 2006

Community Care Development; 
Computing in the Community; 
Create –  changing faces of BME youth in Herts; 
ESF Capacity Building & Training – targeting BME and Disability groups;
Gypsy Roma Traveller Playbus ;
HARVEST – EU funded voluntary sector countywide training;  
Herts BME Alliance; 
Herts Health Action for the Homeless; 
Herts Rural Transport Partnership; 
Herts Young Homeless Group;  
Herts, Minds & Money – funding advice; 
HertShapes – sexual health awareness and information; 
HMP The Mount Visits Hall Play Area (still operating);  
IAG Partnership – Information, Advice & Guidance; 
Parish Plans & Appraisals; 
Patient & Public Involvement in Health Forum Support (Herts, Beds, Luton & West Essex); 
Rural Affordable Housing; 
Rural Enterprise Project – support and training for farmers/rural businesses; 
Rural Social Inclusion – addressing isolation, poor services, exclusion; 
Village Halls Advisory Service; 
Youth Volunteering


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