With rising fuel prices, fuel poverty has become a major concern. A household has been said to be in fuel poverty if it needs to spend more than 10% of its income on fuel to maintain a reasonable standard of warmth. Currently more than 5 million households in the UK cannot afford to keep adequately warm in winter, often as a result of poor insulation standards and inefficient heating in their homes.

Heating can be especially expensive in rural areas. Our CDA Herts oil-buying group is one way to reduce costs; you save money by grouping with others through our scheme, to benefit from bulk-buying.

In Hertfordshire we are part of a partnership initiative ‘Warm Homes Healthy People‘ to help make sure people have effective affordable heating. Contact Herts Help for more information: 0300 123 4044 or email info@hertshelp.net.

A map indicating fuel poverty in Hertfordshire is available here.

More information about fuel poverty generally is available here and here.

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