Energy beyond

Energy tends to be associate mostly to electricity, but it definitely goes beyond that. Energy is everywhere and embedded and all products and produce. Crops can only thrive with the right amount of sun light (sun’s energy). That is why most of the UK harvesting is during summer / autumn, just after the plants have convert the longer hours of sun light into nutritious grains, fruits and veggies.

It is easier to associate Energy for transportation or heating, but we often forget how much energy is used for refrigeration regarding our food supply for meat and other frozen products. In contrast, can be difficult to associate how much energy goes into producing packaging whether plastic or glass and easy to ignore all the transport and other environment costs involved in the disposal and/or recycling of packaging.

Therefore, we propose a more integrated thinking into the energy consumption context and invite the community to join forces for action, towards a more sustainable present and future.

Where can I start?

  • Think critically about your consumption and habits;

  • Be curious and search online for information and guidance;

  • Start with small changes and keep progressing;

  • Reduce consumption;

  • Reuse more;

  • Reduce waste;

  • Increase efficiency (through change of habits or new energy efficient equipments);

  • Give preference to local produce;

  • Give preference to products made from renewable materials;

  • Give preference to long lasting products;

  • Think about what is going to happen with “end of life” products (can they be repaired, reuse or recycle?);

  • Inspire others by example;

  • Provide useful and honest feed back about products and services that are not environmentally friendly;

  • Multi-purpose spaces if possible (maximize the use of built spaces);

  • Engage in community projects;

  • Invest in renewable sources of energy;

  • Look for opportunities and share ideas to became more environmentally friendly

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