Covid-19 Response – Rural Demographic Data & Mapping

The information described below can be viewed by accessing a menu of schematic maps arranged by District and available as PDF documents which can be viewed and downloaded from the district or borough menu.

We have created this content in order to portray certain information regarding the following:

1. The location of Rural Support Networks, and some in Urban areas, that have been set up voluntarily in response to the Coronavirus crisis Click Here

(The responses so far have been predominantly rural so our information by necessity concentrates on these. In time we hope to gather further information both rural and urban and present this in an additional mapping exercise.)

2. The location and percentages of the mid-term 2018 population estimates of people over the age of 70 years

3. The HCC County Councillors Electoral Divisions by District/Borough with the above information highlighted for each.

Click Here For Broxbourne Borough

Click Here For Dacorum Borough

Click Here For East Herts District

Click Here For Hertsmere Borough

Click Here For North Herts District

Click Here For St Albans District

Click Here For Stevenage Borough

Click Here For Three Rivers District

Click Here For Watford Borough

Click Here For Welwyn Hatfield District










This data is extracted from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) website – to view Click Here

The data has been obtained under the Open Government Licence v3.0 – to view Click Here        
The list of HCC Council Members can be accessed on the HCC website – to view Click Here



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