CDA Herts, is working to establish a Community-Led Housing Hub.  We have partnered with Rural Community Councils (and legacy organisations) across the East of England (Beds, Cambs, Essex, Herts, Norfolk & Suffolk) to form the Hub.

The purpose of the Hub will be to increase the supply of Community-Led Housing for people living in the East of England by overcoming the barriers faced by CLH groups. The Hub will provide a place to co-ordinate advice and support, through offering access to technical advisors, as well as online support and guidance. We will create opportunities for CLH groups and housing professionals to come together to share experiences and learning about CLH.

As part of The Hub’s development we need to strengthen our work with Registered Providers, Local Authorities and Community Groups, demonstrating how CLH approaches can support housing delivery and giving options to meet the housing needs and priorities of residents.

So, what’s it about?

Community-Led Housing can involve building new homes, returning empty homes to use and managing existing homes.  Approaches to CLH include housing co-ops, community land trusts (CLTs), tenant management organisations, cohousing, community self-build schemes and self-help housing groups that renew empty homes. Communities are integrally involved in key decisions even if they do not initiate or build a scheme; the community has a long-term formal role in ownership, management or stewardship of the homes; and benefits to the local area or a specified community are defined and protected.

 What we need from stakeholders;

Stakeholder engagement in the Hub is crucial.  During the current development phase we would love to have input into the Business Planning process through of one of these very short questionnaires for

Registered Providers (Housing Associations),

Local Authorities or

Community Groups The perspective of stakeholders will be vital in ensuring that we target the Hub’s advice and support to meet the needs of users.  We will also be able to keep contributors up to date with the Hub’s work and invite them to further CLH seminars, training and events.

Contact Us

If you would like the opportunity to discuss the Hub’s development or how we can work with you as a Registered Provider, please get in touch with our Hub representative, Giles Meredith giles.meredith@cdaherts.org.uk or telephone 01992 289055 and we can discuss things further.

Please check out our temporary website that provides more information about Community-Led Housing and our aspirations at: easterncommunityhomes.org.uk



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