St David’s Eco Car Club

Travel Lightly...

St Davids Eco City Group started a car club – the five seater Nissan Leaf is on lease from Cilgwyn community car club. The Leaf is all electric and has a solar panel on the roof to contribute to the power. It can be charged from a domestic plug with an official range of about 100 miles per charge. Fast charging is already available in places like Haverfordwest and is expected to be installed shortly in other towns and routes locally.

The Electric Car Club allows a community full use of a car, making top quality green cars affordable. As car ownership and driving costs go up, car clubs and electricity as a fuel will come into their own in future. This electric car club is the second in Wales and the third in the UK.

The Leaf lives in TYF Adventure’s car park, in the centre of St Davids, where a charge point will shortly be installed. Joining the car club costs £25 per year, with a £1 charge per hour plus 10p per mile.

70-100 miles on full charge (depending on how your drive/ and how many hills!)
Charge points are available in St Davids (TYF), Haverfordwest (multi storey – free with card- supplied), Carmarthen (Bro Myrddin council site during office hours). Many more being installed now.

You can also charge at any normal home socket, with cable supplied.

For all details on joining, costs and other issues contact them directly- see or ask Andy Dixon, Keeley Rose or Jetske Germing

Food for Your Future

A new way of getting fresh, local food…
FlintShare CSA was started, in 2010, by a group of people who wanted local food produced in a cost effective and sustainable way. We recognise that the days of cheap imports are numbered (perhaps thankfully) and ways of producing more food locally and ‘gently on the land’ must be found. FlintShare members now get fresh, local food, the opportunity to be ‘hands on’ and there’s more in the pipeline.

We grow veg on all the sites and members exercise control over how their food is produced and how the land is looked after in the process.

All members can have the veg whether they help to grow it or not. We each pay an annual membership (£24). Veg accounts are optional and we start with £25 cash and can then ‘top up’ with either labour or money. This means that those who can spend time on growing (or admin) may never pay more money in but those who can’t contribute financially. We need both sorts! Prices are set pretty low. All members can access produce from any of the sites so there is a good range available.

All of us are volunteers and we each give the skills and time we feel we can. This varies from none at all to many hours a week! We don’t have all the answers, and may not be a ‘slick’ operation, but have lots of fun and some lovely, organically grown veg. Anyone can join and find their own level of involvement – there are so many ways to help out, we always struggle for enough hours in the day.

People are at the centre of FlintShare and they are always inspiring! It’s wonderful to connect with like-minded people – come and share celebrations, workshops and events as well as the veg. The food is always good!
In 2013 we hope to create a job for a grower to produce on a larger area for us but with our help. We will be offering 20 regular veg shares.

To find out more about us please visit our website.




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